One-to-one-lessons German

Would you like to design your language acquisition individually and according to your needs? For this purpose we offer one-to-one lessons in German with our language trainers in our institute in Vienna.

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Courses for 1 person:

Units Duration of unit Participants  Price
5 60 minutes 1 € 329,-
10 60 minutes 1 € 639,-
5 90 minutes 1 € 499,-
10 90 minutes 1 € 969 ,-

Courses for 2-3 persons:

Units Duration of unit Participants  Price
5 60 minutes 2-3 € 469,-
10 60 minutes 2-3 € 919,-
5 90 minutes 2-3 € 699,-
10 90 minutes 2-3 € 1.369 ,-

Please ask for our special prices for groups up to 4 persons:


You can purchase your one-to-one lessons package (10 units) in our language department (Sprachkursbüro). Just tell us your availability and if relevant any special requirements. After that, we will arrange the first teaching unit with one of our language trainers for you. You can arrange all further units individually with your language trainer.
In case of hindrance

In case that you are unable to come on an appointed day, we would like to ask you to communicate this to us not later than one day before the agreed lesson. Otherwise we must charge you for the missed lesson.

If desired, the Latin American Institute can issue at the end of the one-to-one lessons package a certificate confirming the successful completion of the package.

You want to know your language level before beginning with the one-to-one lessons? Just contact us, and we will send you our language self-assessment test.

Tel. +43 1 310 74 65 18

Course levels German

  • A1/1 + A1/2 Breakthrough (beginner)

Contents: basic grammar of the German language and basic vocabulary for everyday communication
Course objective: handling simple communication situations in everyday life (e.g. presenting oneself and others, asking other people questions about the person and answering these questions)

  • A2/1 + A2/2 Waystage (elementary)

Contents: further grammar skills and vocabulary; everyday communication about the own person, family, environment, origin, and work; reading simple texts; writing simple personal letters, completing forms
Course objective: successful communication in simple situations of everyday life, describing one's origin, education, etc. and writing simple texts

  • B1/1 + B1/2 Threshold (pre-intermediate)

Contents: utilization of the already existing grammar skills and learning new grammar (past tense, conjunctions, prepositions, passive form; training in reading and listening comprehension; oral communication and writing letters, job applications, etc.)
Course objective: able to cope in daily life, improving the reading and listening comprehension and development of the writing competence

  • B2 Vantage (intermediate)

Contents: writing formal letters (complaints, reader's letter, criticism, personal description, application); expert discussion (argumentation); reading and listening comprehension of formal texts and press releases with high information density; extension of the grammar skills: adjectives, verbs, syntax, negation, conjunctive, indirect speech, etc.
Course objective: spontaneous and fluent articulation in everyday communication situations; clearly expressing one's point of view and opinion

  • C1 Effective Operational Proficiency (upper intermediate)

Contents: writing papers, articles and complex statements; presentation, consulting, negotiation, etc.; reading and listening comprehension of specialized texts; extension of the grammar: text correlation, nominalization, adverbs, etc.
Course objective: clear, structured and professional communication about complex subjects, understanding of long texts